letter of Appreciation for Wedding arrangments

I just can’t close Anna’s wedding file without thanking some of the very special venders with whom I have had the pleasure to work in planning this wedding with Anna.  Once again, your work is amazing.  OMG.  The bouquets were beyond stunning!  The jewels in the centers of the roses in Anna’s bouquet were SO-O-O beautiful. We nearly cried when we actually saw the flowers and our eyes were drawn to the jewels.  The photos you sent of the 3 bouquets were lovely, but seeing them for ourselves took the excitement to a new level.  


And thank you for recommending Carolyn Frank.  She provided clamps to attach these bouquets to the head table and, between the amazing flowers and Carolyn’s draping of the table skirt, I couldn’t help but stare at the stunning head table all evening, where my beaming daughter proudly sat with her new husband.  It really was quite a lovely event.


 All in all, in our opinion, the wedding was nearly perfect.  Anna and her groom (and his family, too) were delighted with the planning, the venue, and all the special little touches provided by talented folks like yourself.  Well done.  Thanks so very much for your part in this wonderful wedding day for my daughter.  I don’t have  many photos yet, but I am attaching one that a friend took and sent to us.